What Millennials Must Learn from Old School.

Lets cut the chase, read below and see the no brainer we generation xyz have experience.

1. Courtesy.
2. Socialize.
3. Etiquette.
4. Read 1 to 3.

Advances in technology does not mean better human interaction both to fellow people and its surrounding. The convenience of technology made everyone dull with less interaction and more of just tapping the screen with 2d emoticons.

What is missing? A genuine life.

Go out without a camera, stay offline. Do not tell friends you did this, done that. Just enjoy the moment. Do you really need a picture to remember the best sunlight? You are missing the warmth of the sun. Or memories now are stored in circuits in some server people called “cloud” storage.

Enjoy nature. Enjoy people. Enjoy life.



Internet Privacy. People Never Learn.

Selfies can kill. Photos near cliffs, humble brags or simply showing off your luxuries and nude photos that leads to Sextortion.  The latest Kardashian incident is a no brainer. Do you have to be an open book like celebrities? You won’t earn money or be famous. But you’re inviting criminal.

 Things to do with your internet social activity.

  • Turn off GPS while taking photos
  • Do not take video tour of your house.
  • Do not post your possession like jewelry, cars, location of your home, address of kid’s school, where you hang out.
  • Just DO NOT DO the above.

Your privacy is very important. It may save your life.


Back to Ballpen. Listen to Your Guts Not Opinions

I started drawing using a ballpen/ballpoint. Stepping in High School someone made a negative comment of using ballpoint for drawing. This affected me for years that serious art should be drawn by pencils, charcoal, oil, watercolor, pastel and others. But not ballpen.

Then I came upon professional artist using ballpen for their art. Realistic portraits and landscape. Suddenly I found myself going back to my roots and making effort to perfect my ballpen skill because I have a lot of catching up. You can see my early sketches in this blog I used pencils and it shows my struggle with pencils. I have to excel on pencil to make it because I love to draw details.

I hope I get it right this time using the pen I love since childhood.