Post It: Robin Padilla as Supremo Bonifacio


The father of the Philippine Republic is no stranger to dirty politics. During a coup election, he was eventually relieved as the leader of the rebellion against Spain and later sentenced to death under a kangaroo court. Such as the fate of future statesmen who would pursue higher callings and may end up either killed or jailed.

Above is actor Robin Padilla reenacting the role as Philippine National Hero Andres Bonifacio, the father of Asia’s first republic against a colonial power.

Sole Purpose of Women’s Breast is Nursing Babies


Although August is done, I haven’t found a nice picture to draw about Breast Feeding. A woman’s breast is not design to level up their self esteem nor bring confidence if they lack one. It is for nursing a child. The material world would like you think that but its not. And this should be very true especially to Darwinian followers since nothing in the animal kingdom from mammals to reptiles ever though of breast as being a sex symbol.

Above is Ms Amanda Griffin-Jacob breast feeding her child. Some moms think it is a terrible idea to let their boobs get swollen by sucking babies. In my opinion they avoid it due to lost of a sexy figure. Many medical practices focus on recovering after the preggy stage that is for figure conscious moms . Breast feeding is good for one to two years but one US mother did that even her son is more than 5 years old . The benefits weigh more and is good in the long run for the child. Your child.

Just a reminder. Some moms over do these in a very, very public place. Just because its okay it does not mean anywhere. Leave some privacy and modesty for you and your child.

Enjoy being mommy.