Happy New Year

2016 was a great year and its one of the years I will treasure. It’s surviving the hardship and struggles that really counts not the easy life that every one aims in a journey.

Things to remember in life.
A good name is better than riches.
Be a blessing to others.
Be nameless in doing good.
And keep your privacy and have a strong password at all times.

Still doing sketches only on Deviantart right now.
I’ll still post some drawing here so, I’ll update from time to time especially if its technology related with drawings of course.

Happy New Year and always enjoy 😀




DrawBack 1997: Mig Stealth Fighter



Copied from a magazine at the National Museum.

Russia have not delivered a stealth fighter in the front lines yet although the Sukhoi bureau (PAK 50) and Mikoyan/Gurevich (MiG 45 which is a Mig29 frame with new avionics) have submitted their bids.

Only the US have a fifth generation fighter F22 Raptor and another one the F35, in cooperation with Russian Yakolev YAK 141, enjoy these superiority. Development of the F22 started in the late 1980s (competed with YF23) and entered service in early 2000s.

There is not enough stealth fighter flying at the moment but stealth is not about technology. It is about skills. Generation 4.5 jets like the French Rafale, NATO Typhoon Eurofighter, Russian Su35, Mig 35 and Sweden’s Griffen can do the task and in par with the US F22/F35. Chinese Stealth technology is in the development stage but with their big wealth, they can catch up.

But I hope all this system is for peaceful means not to threat a sovereign state like China is doing in the Philippines. Although my nation won the Arbitrary Resolution, enforcement is another as the Philippine do not possess a fighter plane to intercept trespassing Chinese jets.

Another problem is politics. President Rody Duterte rock star status doesn’t sound right with the US and EU due to miscommunication and misquote from still dark forces in Philippine politics. Our history is drawn in treachery and have a colonial mindset.

While the world is in a buying spree upgrading fighter jets, our Philippine Air Force air defense is literally non existence.