How Not To Get Bored While Waiting


Either I carry a pocket book or taking mini drawing on folder A3 bond paper or even draw the back page of a receipt like the above.

I was in my future in-law’s lair and my love was taking time doing beautification sessions.
Men knows it will take a very very long time and to make use of the downtime, why not sketch something.
You could see how small this drawing is (ruler at Centimeters) with distance to subject, deep-well water pump, at 5 meters at least.
The date was May 14, 2000 “Mother’s Day” on a Sunday afternoon. A short inscription of what that day.

With the advent of smartphones and android gadgets, getting bored is a thing of the past.

But I still prefer sketching.



Cyborgs, Replicants, A.I. and other Synthetic Humans


Drawn in 1995.


Human robots are still perfecting their baby steps in walking and very dependent on humans to analyze what it see in the world.

The concept is not new and probably around for centuries but the processing power is enough to scare ordinary mortals that movies are created with the idea of wiping mankind if a program virus name “awareness” is executed.

Or we could think robotics could extend life. The mix of flesh and machine is a unique thought since our veins do conduct a kind electricity. Probably a nice way to live happily forever is with a love one.

For now, these machines are man’s best tool and hopefully we human’s use it the right way.