DrawBack 2003: Spratley Tourism


In 2003 while waiting for my bus, I sketch and envision a tourism gig in the Spratley islands by the Philippines.

Sadly China was ahead since it occupied most of it since 1990s and destroyed the coral life around the sea lately for expansion ambitions and military purposes. But the UN and Greenpeace did nothing.

Nothing wrong in developing a sea area but as long everyone on it EEZ, Exclusive Economic Zone shares the cake of progress NOT one country alone and threatens it with guns.

Again calling the UN for balance in the region.

Peace please.


My Lonely Fight on Climate Change


Backyard Garden in a vacant lot.

Gardening, waste segregation, planting veggies and trees and unplugging home appliances. Back in the day, I was frustrated planting anything. Have a hard time convincing my housemates to save electricity by unplugging home apps because I tested it “alone” reading the electric meter with home apps plugged but unpowered and saw the meter run. Overtime this is wasted power and adds to the bill.


Harvesting Garden Crops

Fast forward. Got married and have my own bill to worries. Luck find me a wife that share the same fashion for planting with food source in mind. On houseware, we only bought what was needed making our home spacious. And yes, we unplugged unused apps keeping electric consumption low. Once we have an electric bill for only Php 16x.xx (or US $3).

Global Warming/GW, was studied in the late 1970s and I was educated by a school mag about it and thought what I could do to help. Since then it was lonely fight. Devastating tornadoes in the Philippines are very very rare, now appearing here because of cutting trees.

Millennials call GW today as Climate Change and are not doing anything to change it. The way things work today is by “virtually” doing it like changing profile pics and joining fun runs. Taking selfies on nature sights and leaving trash behind.


Front Garden on vacant lot with wife and son

Change is doing by yourself not forwarding recycled quotes. The future look dim. Until then, I hope my plants and trees are still around.


“Atis” or Sugar Apple.


What If The Animal Kingdom Practice Same Sex Relationship. Would We Survive?

Scientifically, same sex relationship is not beneficial. If all the animal kingdom and even some plants do it, then reproduction would ceased, killing the human race from its food source. Some argued homosexuality exist between animals but the fact is, the human race survive from reproduction of these species. While some insect have both sexes like worms, still, reproduction exist. I do not know if a worm have two same sexes at once. Plant do have genders too and we know this through pollination.

For all the fuss happening here from a few of the 7100 islands of the Philippines and some parts of the liberated world, Manny Pacquio express his spiritual belief which is part of the constitution to practice free religion. He is reminding people about the bible teaching about same sex relationship and after that, the flood gates of uproar from people who practice it. Everyone is free to choose according to what the law provides. Some countries ban it like marriages of same sex. And some welcome it. But we have to understand provision of the western laws about freedom of speech and religion. Anyone can google the internet what verse from the Bible prohibiting same sex relation from the old testament to the gospel if you are a follower of its teaching.

In the Philippines, high rates of infection of HIV/AIDS among gays are very alarming. If this continues, then this is the new normal. Honestly I attended a two day course on AIDS awareness back in 2014. Our speaker is gay. When he learned he got AIDS he stopped having same sex relationship. He knew his time is ticking. The worst part is, he didn’t know he would get HIV through same sex intercourse. His next move would be a choice for gays like him, he seek GOD and asked forgiveness. His acceptance lightened his burden.

Yes, we have our choices. But make sure it won’t be stressful and a health risk. Remember what Saint Paul said,  “I have the right to do anything,” you say–but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”–but not everything is constructive. From 1 Corinthians 10:23/NIV.

Peace, Hope and Love. Enjoy.