Sketching Maria Sharapova While Waiting At The Hair Salon


Its a bad hair day sketch. The ballpoint is blotting worst.My preferred ballpoint is either Pilot or a Uni brand but this one will do even for the powerful beautiful Maria Sharapova. I always carry a A4 size bond paper and fold it in four. This is a quarter of the A4.

We usually take our haircut on a barber shop but we found this affordable salon for men and women for less than a USD 1 or Php 39.99.

As I always say keep practicing.



Jang Ye Won. FIFA 2014 Darling


Brazil is the land full of Latin Beauties from Super Models to Beauty Queens but this is one of those rare events an Asian girl, South Korean Reporter Jang Ye Won beats other women seeking attention while covering FIFA 2014.

Actually I am no fan of soccer but I am a fan of beauty. And her aura was captured when she is unaware and not asked of it. It only proves that beauty is more powerful than sexiness.

Actually I love her simple smile and innocent reaction.