DrawBack 1990s: Russian Backfire Bombers and EuroFighter.

Russian thinking in designing aircraft is different. Their aircraft may have the same air frame but have different avionics. Just like the Tupolev TU22 NATO code “Backfire“.


The TU22 first design was not like what I drew above. The engine are place atop the rear of its rudder (something like the A10 warthog). The Tu22M2 have a new swing wing and inlets similar to the US F4 Phantom. NATO Typhoon jets would intercept these bomber patrols once in a while.


The Tu22M3 inlet is the same like the air superiority US F15 Eagle. Its formidable AS4 “Kitchen” supersonic mach 4 cruise missile is a real killer (see caricature above).

But the strategic bomber suffers (START treaty) from its range not able to reach the US coast, switching its role as an aircraft carrier killer, specifically targeting US flattops.

Cold war version two was rebooted when Russia invaded Ukraine. Russian bomber started patrols in 2007 including it heaviest TU160 Blackjack and loudest turboprop TU95 Bear, giving strategist rethinking policies on how to defend countries seeking NATO and US help.

Russia is practicing real targets, bombing civilians in Syria with its Sukhoi SU24 Fencer strike bombers. While the UN is bothering my small nation Philippines on suspicious EKJ/Extra Judicial Killing, civilian causalities with Superpowers are unhindered.

It is worrisome when China made headlines a few months when it flew improved copied Soviet TU16 Badgers medium bombers in the Spratley. With US sour relationship, and a Mutual Treaty that the US will only defend the country not the islets in some EEZ, we are in trouble. Our only right is a piece of paper telling the world we own those islets. And no one is helping us.


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