DrawBack 1980s: Notebook Sketches of Missiles.

Back pages of my notebook 1988-89. A classmate’s cousin have a book on “Rockets and Missile” (less 1000 pages only) and borrowed it. I have to rush and compress my drawings.


Si vis pacem, para bellummeaningTo have peace we must prepare for warfrom Plato.

Russian Tech. Coldwar “SS25” known today and still active Topol missile. A mobile ICBM and one of the hardest to track since it always relocates in the vastness of Russian tundra. Also the AKULA class SSN or nuclear attack submarine benefited from Johny Walker spying. SA2 Surface to Air missile that shot down Israeli Jets in 1973 and USAF B52s during the TET Offensive in Vietnam.

Drawing weapons widen my history knowledge since our past is covered with wars.

We need weapons for peace not weapons to bully weaker nations.


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