Internet Privacy. People Never Learn.

Selfies can kill. Photos near cliffs, humble brags or simply showing off your luxuries and nude photos that leads to Sextortion.  The latest Kardashian incident is a no brainer. Do you have to be an open book like celebrities? You won’t earn money or be famous. But you’re inviting criminal.

 Things to do with your internet social activity.

  • Turn off GPS while taking photos
  • Do not take video tour of your house.
  • Do not post your possession like jewelry, cars, location of your home, address of kid’s school, where you hang out.
  • Just DO NOT DO the above.

Your privacy is very important. It may save your life.


Merkava. Made in Israel The Best Tank in the World.


Uzi, Galil, Desert Eagle, F21 kfir. Familiar house hold names from Israel. But the Merkava is the weapon that scares the nuts and bolts of tankers around the world. The latest model M4 would make any advance ATGM (anti tank guided missile) deflect like a rock if its passes the Rafael defense system that acts like a mini IronDome.

Its Arab neighbor still have a field day from previous defeats. Egypt, Jordan and Saudi have a non-aggressive posture with Tel Aviv but Syria and Iran pose a threat to the existence of Zion.

Israel have the best tank gunnery in the world repelling massive attack by Syria and Egypt armor in wars of 1967 and 1973. When the world deny them of buying weapons, they made their own. The Merkava born from the success of British tank Chieftain. Its debut fight Lebanon, 1982 against Russian tanks. Rounds from T62 won’t penetrate its thick armor. If its not knocking other tanks, it doubles as an armored carrier. Definitely, a general’s wonder weapon.

But it did meet its match when Hezbollah guerrillas were armed with the Russian Kornet ATGM but that did not slow the tank down.

Under President Duterte, the Philippines is seeking Israel weapons, I hope the Merkava would be a top priority list. The tank is very roomy, it could also transport wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Its armored troop carrier version is the Namer is also an excellent choice.

I do hope this time, the Philippine AFP modernization would materialize. Its 30 years late (since the power grab People Power of 1986) but better late than never.

Japanese Arm Power Tamed by the USA.

JSDF/Japan Self Defense Force is the combine Army, Air Force and Navy of Japan yet it is simply called JSDF. They do not refer planes under the Japan Air Force nor the gray ships as Japanese navy. You have to insert the “self-defence” in its branches ( ground self defence, air self defense, maritime self defense). Whats the catch? The USA. After WorldWar 2, the US, the victor both Europe and Asia, made a treaty preventing Japan from creating a revival of Japanese might.

But in the 1980s, its Self Defense force is bigger than the United Kingdom. Its newest and biggest ship, the Izumo and  Hyuga class Helicopter Destroyer (the biggest destroyer that looks like an aircraft carrier) is almost as big as the British fleets Queen Elizabeth and qualified for VSTOL jets like the F35

But Japan is the closest force that stand against China. Although Japan does not possess any nuclear weapon, it could upgrade its inventory in a few months.

Japan is also helping the Philippines in its maritime problem with China and gave two patrol ships to the Phil Navy and would also design future vessels. These scary bully tactic of China is really a security problem in the region especially for the Philippines who have no naval power to deter China.

Thank you Japan, may you keep the balance of power in Asia. Once you were an enemy now you are a friend and deterrent to an ambitious dragon.




DrawBack 1990s: Russian Backfire Bombers and EuroFighter.

Russian thinking in designing aircraft is different. Their aircraft may have the same air frame but have different avionics. Just like the Tupolev TU22 NATO code “Backfire“.


The TU22 first design was not like what I drew above. The engine are place atop the rear of its rudder (something like the A10 warthog). The Tu22M2 have a new swing wing and inlets similar to the US F4 Phantom. NATO Typhoon jets would intercept these bomber patrols once in a while.


The Tu22M3 inlet is the same like the air superiority US F15 Eagle. Its formidable AS4 “Kitchen” supersonic mach 4 cruise missile is a real killer (see caricature above).

But the strategic bomber suffers (START treaty) from its range not able to reach the US coast, switching its role as an aircraft carrier killer, specifically targeting US flattops.

Cold war version two was rebooted when Russia invaded Ukraine. Russian bomber started patrols in 2007 including it heaviest TU160 Blackjack and loudest turboprop TU95 Bear, giving strategist rethinking policies on how to defend countries seeking NATO and US help.

Russia is practicing real targets, bombing civilians in Syria with its Sukhoi SU24 Fencer strike bombers. While the UN is bothering my small nation Philippines on suspicious EKJ/Extra Judicial Killing, civilian causalities with Superpowers are unhindered.

It is worrisome when China made headlines a few months when it flew improved copied Soviet TU16 Badgers medium bombers in the Spratley. With US sour relationship, and a Mutual Treaty that the US will only defend the country not the islets in some EEZ, we are in trouble. Our only right is a piece of paper telling the world we own those islets. And no one is helping us.