DrawBack 1990s. Israel traded their Lavi for US F16s. And Israel Sold it to China.

Israel developed a jet, the Lavi, that looked like the US F16 Falcon (now called Viper, new block model). As “I remembered”, the US government would sold the F16 at a cheaper price as long Israel do not proceed with the Lavi development. Then I saw this jet in China, an F16 looker. The J10. Israel sold the design to china.

Relation between Israel and the US soured.
In politics, there is no permanent friends. Only permanent interest.

And rumors that China is selling the j10 to Iran. An enemy of Zionist.

Below is my sketch of Israeli Lavi with Japan’s FSK, another version of the US F16.drawback_weapon_1990s_0a_school_library_mags




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