DrawBack 1990. About A Sea and Spratley.


Drawn 1994 at school. My personal graphic novel finished 1991 and was lost in a school fire when I left it to our locker. But saved some scratch pages. I was in a debate from friends in facebook and my opinion, only an armed struggle can resolve this. No amount of kungfu typing in social media protest to remove China from the area.


The plot is a future conflict with a powerful China invading the whole of South China Sea. The original scenario where the Philippine Navy possess an aircraft carrier to face the threat and in that battle, the Philippines regain some of the islets was originally it held.

In reality, the Philippines do not own a flattop and have lost some atolls in the West Philippine Sea. The AFP was poorly equipped and never modernize as promised by previous presidents. In 1987 I was introduce with these chain of island in the South China Sea and how the late president Cory Aquino removed most of the troops and guns in the Spratley area. The final blow came when the US bases was pullout in our country. China came uninvited set some bases and spotted by AFP planes. And did nothing.

The modernization of the AFP was slow and with controversy. 25 Italian s211 trainer/ light attack jets, a few troop carriers, and lately naval ships in a span of 30 years (1986-2016). The AFP do not posses missile systems from SAM/Surface to Air and SSM/Surface to Surface that can deter any sea and air threats.

The Philippines always rely on big brother US to help us on external threat and only joint exercise with the Philippines looking poor with old weapons. Too dependent, we can not rely on the AFP to face threats from China. The US will only respond if China attack the mainland and not some islets in some sea claimed also by Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and even Brunei.

Our only victory with China is only on paper from the UN Arbitrary ruling. Enforcing the rule of law in one thing. And China do not respect it even  if it is a member of UNCLOS.

As I suggest to my facebook friend, if we could send even a single ship, to face a big China, its better than do nothing. It sending men and women in harms way but if China do something awful, the world would know. Something China will definitely not want to know its citizens.

Spain’s old map shows the sea is part of the Philippines. China’s claim is only words. We could resolve problems by sharing the sea for peaceful purposes but not by one country only.




DrawBack 1990s. Israel traded their Lavi for US F16s. And Israel Sold it to China.

Israel developed a jet, the Lavi, that looked like the US F16 Falcon (now called Viper, new block model). As “I remembered”, the US government would sold the F16 at a cheaper price as long Israel do not proceed with the Lavi development. Then I saw this jet in China, an F16 looker. The J10. Israel sold the design to china.

Relation between Israel and the US soured.
In politics, there is no permanent friends. Only permanent interest.

And rumors that China is selling the j10 to Iran. An enemy of Zionist.

Below is my sketch of Israeli Lavi with Japan’s FSK, another version of the US F16.drawback_weapon_1990s_0a_school_library_mags



DrawBack 2006. (Fiction) Skirmish.

What you are about to read, did NOT happen. This is a make believe almost fight of antiquated Philippine weaponry of world war two destroyers (from uncle Sam), Bronco Propeller planes plus two F5 Freedom Tigers (retired 2005 September) versus Chinese Russian supplied Su27. And frankly, I do not know if the Philippine AFP posses portable shoulder  SAM/Surface to Air missile “Redeye” which resembles like a Stinger. I prefer RedEye since the Philippines always receive junks from the US but I do not see anything in the AFP inventory.

(scratch) Page 1.blog_duckee_comic_01


(scratch) Page 2.blog_duckee_comic_02

We request “Peace” in the South East Asia.