Traffic Crisis Killing Philippine Economy. Try To Relax.


Going home sketch: Megan Fox, Andrea Lima and Jenna Dewan (except Camila Giorgi).Draw_Marathon_FoxLimaTatumGiorgi

Going to work sketch: Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Doutzen Kroes Draw_Marathon_KendallHadidKroes_X

Hopefully the incoming President have a plan not like the previous leaders. Everyone is not cooperating especially car owners with two to many vehicles. The government agency is not regulating the purchase of new cars that adds to the burden.

I hope the new government should put a heavy tax with car owners who have more than one car and owners who have no parking space. I hate advocating Singapore but yes, they have the political will and like it or not, they pattern the governance to ex Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos the dictator. Where Singapore succeed copying Marcos lead, the Philippines failed. Even the movie Heneral Luna mentioned dictatorship is key to lead the people. Japan’s feudal history will prove it right. Even before I watched the movie, an old magazine mentioned Apolinario Mabini advice dictatorship is what the Philippines need.

Before any special powers will be given to President Duterte, stay relax as much as possible during this downtime hours.


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