Real Women Soldiers Wear Body Armour. Another Bus Sketch in Heavy Traffic.


Do you really think a women on bare essentials can fight insurgents or in many zombie apocalypse movies stereo types. The soldier kneeling even have an armour protection below her waist while the fantasy type have a bikini line problem to worry.


Real women soldiers are well covered from hair to toes. No exposed boob, silky white arms and polished nails to worry. Too many role playing games made it through to the movies and have infected the minds of many and conclude fantasy sexy type soldiers exist. But they do exist only good for promoting guns in the shooting range and yes in bikini outfits. In real combat, one can not aim straight at a target when one is being rained by hundred of bullets, you need snipers for that in my opinion. And if an ISIS fellow see a bikini clad fighter, they will definitely make an effort to capture her very much alive. One Kurdish girl rather than be captured by ISIS, killed herself. That’s a brave girl.

Women soldiers, like their men counterparts, are also mothers who left their children.Real women soldiers fight for the rights of others.

Keep the peace.


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