Friend and Legal Counsel


One of my best buddies since high school (9th grade for K12), Robert Divinagracia, who happens to pass by at work and give me a hitch home bound. He maintains a website The Lawyer’s Post about the Philippine Supreme Court passed laws. We also share the same hobby on military literature and frequently argue on politics without me getting into trouble. During our academics years, he reminded me about being original. That someone in the world, another person might be thinking the same thing. Its just a matter who will published it first to get recognize. Should anyone would like to view about Philippines Laws, you might wanna try his write ups and an ebook on Violence Againt Women and Children. Husbands and men, take good care of our women.

He used to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the day with hair of course :D.  And like Arnold, he is one tough alpha male but is nice around friends. My ball pen is on its last mile on ink and the ball point is not helping still his wife said it looks like him.

To friendship. Enjoy.


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