Marian Rivera as a Warrior Princess


Draw the eyes right, you are halfway there. Marian Rivera trained for escrima or Filipino Martial Arts, used by Police forces around the world even military units.

Keep practicing. Enjoy πŸ˜€


Big Data. Why The Internet Know Your Habits.


As we click any site in the internet, we are being monitored. This information is forwarded to other sites. People will receive emails with offers and you wonder. People unknowingly install software that report such activities and “disclosures” that your private information will be confidential. Some are secured, some are not and those that are secured are being attack.

Limit you exposure by limiting what you put on social media. Because quite often, it is our responsibility to keep our own information a secret. Because once we save data on the internet, it is free lunch.

There is no guaranteed security but we can lessen exposure by being a discipline netizen. No one is asking about your new car, travel abroad or the girl you are dating or the breakup afterwards.

Keep your privacy very private and be simple lifestyle.

Enjoy πŸ˜€



Maine Mendoza. Most Trusted


SheΒ  flooded front cover magazines, endorse many products and is the envy of many women including dreaded bashers that do not sleep without wicked plans.She became popular without showing her cleavage nor have a million youtube views doing Milley Twerks. Some international personalities found her as a gem.

Taking her time doing wacky faces, very wholesome and can do serious acting too. Through it all she remain humble even in the midst of continued bashes from fans of another local network.

Lesson learned, keep your cool.

Enjoy πŸ˜€