Paeng Nepomuceno. World Champ With A Positive Mind.

Paeng_Nepomuceno_World_CHAMP.jpgSix Time world bowling champion and three time Guiness Book Record holder, Rafael “Paeng” Nepomuceno is one of the Filipino pride who put the Philippines in the world map. Being a world champion is no walk in the park as he trained to focus on his goal, to win before even the game start. A positive mind will give positive thoughts and it is good for one’s mental health.

The above sketches are drawn from Monday (Left side) going home and to work (Right side) which I have drew more convincing of his face.I was struggling to draw during the Monday traffic since the ball point is fighting my stroke while today’s morning sketch, the ink was smooth with a little blot but manage to draw a decent face at this small scale. The asphalt at the Skyway Expressway is good and the bus shocks is stable. I have a good feeling my drawing is improving since I aim to draw what the person looks. Not only I was entertain during my bus ride, I am not stressed.

Keep practicing and be positive always.




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