When Vampires No Longer Afraid of God.

They’re immune to the sun and are not afraid of your faith in heavenly Father. The irony of these picture and among others, Hollywood can make movies of other gods plus zombies, werewolf, vampires, other immortals but no room for the Creator. I can not blame others for the disbelief since for centuries, many so called false prophets have designate themselves as appointed messengers and got rich. If you see a preacher who can travel by private jets and live in luxury, that’s them.

The worst part of these demon gods are the romantic side. They could be good boyfriends and if push comes to shove, the girl can be immortal too with just one bite. They can even get away from the government statistics so tracing their birthday can be a problem but they do not health insurance.

Do people really do not believe in God? Found a good joke on Murphy rule for soldiers – ” There is no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole.



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