Dark is Healthy Than White

Dr Omar Arabia always quote “the whiter the bread the sooner your dead”. I even read in a fiction techno thriller novel by Patrick Robinson where elite US Navy SEALS disguised as elderly tourist had to munched the favored Russian Black bread because its very healthy since they are operating in freezing temperature deep in Soviet Union. Also, Russian black bread is food of the masses unlike the favored white cakes only the rich love to eat.

It also goes to skin. Most westerners have white skin yet they favor tan colored. Its the reason why some go to artificial UV lights to get a brown color and if over done, can cause cancer. But here in my country, they prefer white skin because of a wrong idea of white is beautiful. Our skin is the first layer against sickness. Making it white means making it vulnerable to diseases compromising your health just to follow trends in Hollywood.

Do not be ashamed of your dark skin. Underneath it all, we are all sibling regardless of region and religion.



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