Leonardo di Caprio


Ballpoint drawing for The Revenant (see smaller drawing of Leonardo) 1/4th of bond paper. Keep practicing. Enjoy


Paeng Nepomuceno. World Champ With A Positive Mind.

Paeng_Nepomuceno_World_CHAMP.jpgSix Time world bowling champion and three time Guiness Book Record holder, Rafael “Paeng” Nepomuceno is one of the Filipino pride who put the Philippines in the world map. Being a world champion is no walk in the park as he trained to focus on his goal, to win before even the game start. A positive mind will give positive thoughts and it is good for one’s mental health.

The above sketches are drawn from Monday (Left side) going home and to work (Right side) which I have drew more convincing of his face.I was struggling to draw during the Monday traffic since the ball point is fighting my stroke while today’s morning sketch, the ink was smooth with a little blot but manage to draw a decent face at this small scale. The asphalt at the Skyway Expressway is good and the bus shocks is stable. I have a good feeling my drawing is improving since I aim to draw what the person looks. Not only I was entertain during my bus ride, I am not stressed.

Keep practicing and be positive always.



What If The Animal Kingdom Practice Same Sex Relationship. Would We Survive?

Scientifically, same sex relationship is not beneficial. If all the animal kingdom and even some plants do it, then reproduction would ceased, killing the human race from its food source. Some argued homosexuality exist between animals but the fact is, the human race survive from reproduction of these species. While some insect have both sexes like worms, still, reproduction exist. I do not know if a worm have two same sexes at once. Plant do have genders too and we know this through pollination.

For all the fuss happening here from a few of the 7100 islands of the Philippines and some parts of the liberated world, Manny Pacquio express his spiritual belief which is part of the constitution to practice free religion. He is reminding people about the bible teaching about same sex relationship and after that, the flood gates of uproar from people who practice it. Everyone is free to choose according to what the law provides. Some countries ban it like marriages of same sex. And some welcome it. But we have to understand provision of the western laws about freedom of speech and religion. Anyone can google the internet what verse from the Bible prohibiting same sex relation from the old testament to the gospel if you are a follower of its teaching.

In the Philippines, high rates of infection of HIV/AIDS among gays are very alarming. If this continues, then this is the new normal. Honestly I attended a two day course on AIDS awareness back in 2014. Our speaker is gay. When he learned he got AIDS he stopped having same sex relationship. He knew his time is ticking. The worst part is, he didn’t know he would get HIV through same sex intercourse. His next move would be a choice for gays like him, he seek GOD and asked forgiveness. His acceptance lightened his burden.

Yes, we have our choices. But make sure it won’t be stressful and a health risk. Remember what Saint Paul said,  “I have the right to do anything,” you say–but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”–but not everything is constructive. From 1 Corinthians 10:23/NIV.

Peace, Hope and Love. Enjoy.