Jenny Santi on Happiness :D


Love, Giving and Forgiving are three important pursuit in life. Seeking self gratification will not make one happy even reaching the highest mountain is meaningless. But at ground level, everyone will find that giving to the needy is one of the important charity we can do to humanity.

Early today, an unwanted little trouble I bumped into. Rushing to a bus ride, I once again choose to ride “standing” once after the bus conductor yelled it is allowed to ride that way. I skip standing the line when no one from the crowd bother riding on a standing position. When I was inside I notice two more free seats available the conductor didn’t notice and I was tempted to sit. Unlucky for me, one of the passenger misunderstood how I bypass the long line and cheated them. Being honest still won’t let you off the hook. After apologizing to the guy he kept muttering what I did and I began to reason. But it was useless reasoning to an already closed minded person and I need to be more considerate and relax. I understand the stress of riding in the metro. So I have to be silent about it. Its pointless. Then I started drawing, take two, of miss Jenny Santi about “Happiness”.

Always aim to be happy.  It is unhealthy to be angry. Avoid stress by being busy on a hobby.



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