Love is About Commitment Not Sex Position

A frequent topic on any health magazine and especially the adult ones, are sex position. It’s a topic every month of every language, drawn vector art, of the redundant subject of intercourse. And sex is always associated with love as in love making. Sex is one of the benefit of love between two spouses. I use spouses or between two married people of the opposite sex because not only it will lead to a healthy relationship but it also it is a commitment that must last a lifetime.

Lets be honest. We saw how many relationship from commoners, celebrities and royal families were broken and mostly affected are children. Children are very vulnerable as they are expose to a reality of how their parent suddenly separated and sometimes be part of a hurtful legal process of who takes custody. Even the dogs are joined from the fray.

Not only illicit sex lead to mistrust, it could also cause STD even AIDS. AIDS is very worst from same sex couples especially from men. Same Sex relationship defies science. Magnet where opposite poles attracts. We human became too creative that procreation now is possible with in vitro. But it will be a challenge to explain it to a growing adult from same sex parents as what characterize animal behavior of survival by numbers through procreation from human activity which is nothing more than seeking sexual pleasure and not giving birth naturally from a woman which is most likely, a surrogate.

Teenagers are also mislead to this pleasurable pastime of married couples. And they do it with no disregard of early pregnancy. And the current trend is sex even between friends.

We have to thank celebrities for it. TV shows, movies and even cartoons from our superheroes who have nothing longer to wear.

Love is about commitment.Just remember, growing old with someone you love is very important to have that lasting happiness like walking along the beach during a sunset. Some people call it forever.