Beauty With A Purpose. Does It Include Honesty and Sportmanship

Been reading the bruhaha rampaging the net about the mayhem brought by the mistake. I agree with one of the viewer’s comment. And if beauty contestant does not understand what happened which nobody expected and planned, then they should have not join such contest.

Steve Harvey made the error and I do not understand after he apologized, the blame is pointed to our Pia Wurtzbach who was also in shocked to what happened. This is unfair. And for the record, South America is colonized by Spain which we too share former masters and were taught the same faith of practicing humility.

Such attitude of aggressiveness to fellow contestant is unworthy to be called beauty with a purpose. You should be role models to young girls who looks forward with your grace amid chaos. What you displayed is not professionalism under pressure.

Fact: The Miss Universe pageant will not end this year so better prepare for next year. Miss Pia Wurtzbach didn’t came to Las Vegas just to be called beautiful but with purpose, grace, intelligence and especially humility if she didn’t won. But she did.

Its December. Where is your Christmas spirit?



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