“Walker” Class. Worrisome Russian Submarines Activity


Stealth is often associated with submarines. The US have always been the leader in advance technology. Then came financial problems with a navy man name John Anthony Walker who sold these technologies to the Soviets during the Cold War. He was caught but the damage done to US and Allied Security is too crippling . Though the Communist regime ended in 1989, the intel gained from US Submarine technology including SOSUS/sound surveillance system, that alerted the US from sneaky Russian subs broke these defenses. Now that the Soviets are back from a long sleep, Russian military activity like Bear patrol and submarine operations are normal if not very active and intimidating. Its Cold War version 2.

Back in the 1980s, I watched the story of Johny Walker. The worst part of being a traitor is including your own son. This is a reminder how difficult it is when faced with money problems. No one is problem proof.  And I often pray and very hard on it, we won’t encounter a difficult situation.

Peace on earth.


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