Super Typhoon Lando Hit Northern Luzon. God’s Answer to El Niño

Storm Koppu, local name Lando, categorize as a super typhoon (+220 kph) when it entered the Philippines and hit Northern Luzon. In the process, watered the very dry farming land from this year’s severe effect of El Niño. Local scientist suggest the country needed a typhoon, I believe three storms, to solve an imminent water crisis that could last till next year’s hot season 2016. With little or no rain for months coming from the region, livelihood and water supply will be a very big problem. Then came Lando. We felt the strong winds here in Southern Luzon under Signal#1(winds of 30–60 kph (20-37 mph)) and it is scary. Scared enough and praying the roof holds.

Human activity like deforestation, urbanization and too much air pollution is causing changes in the weather. The scientific community is divided on the issue of Climate Change but the effect on surrounding landscape is enough evidence to conclude this. But these expert needed more data.

But I believe in a supreme being. In my opinion, When the Lord God send a storm to fix the water crisis we human’s made, people must get out of the way. There is enough time to vacate although I understand why people still hold their footing. But when God sends a super typhoon, move out.

I hope we people put our acts together and solve our problems through God’s commandments and laws. We need not to go to Mars to solve Earth’s mess. Not only going to another planet is a very very expensive mission, it is not even practical ($10,000 to $25,000 per kilogram from Earth to low Earth orbit, This is a science project from a few people and costing millions of dollars yearly from people’s taxes.

Earth is the only place we could live. Free oxygen and land area. We just need to live peacefully with each other.



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