Hercules. Mighty Turboprop Muscle


The four engine prop plane that could transport men and equipment in the front line on rough landing strips. Through the years the C130 Hercules went to many roles like Humanitarian missions, Electronic Warfare, Black Ops even Gunship role like the AC130 seen in movies like Transformer-1 and Lone Survivor.

I almost ride one during a relief distribution in December 2006 trip back to Manila but all flights were canceled because the one I will have a free ride with have no modern avionics and could be flown only during day light. Safety first.

Without a doubt, the dependable Hercules will still serve many Air Forces in the world for many years to come.


AlDub. A Modern Day Cinderalla With A Twist.


October 24, 2015 the Philippine Arena, EatBulaga, the longest Philippine noon time show features the romance of AlDub with this theme “Tamang Panahon” ( the right time ) now set a new world record for tweets with an official count of 41 million tweets. Also, the sold tickets will go to create libraries for three beneficiaries across the country. The show EatBulaga also raises awareness of Plastic recycling and collects the plastic to create school chairs. The Aldub segment also promotes long forgotten values like respect, trust, decency and discipline.

The phenomenal romance of two couple trying to be with each other and prohibited by a very conservative and protective lola/grandmother Dora. It is a side show that went popular due to favorable incident when YayaDub (dub mash queen) took notice of the handsome lad actor Alden Richard during a sudden focus of the camera. It became a hit and The rest of history. Alden plus YayaDub = Aldub.

Every week, tweets got bigger and bigger and the challenge was to beat the current tweets of 35.5Million by FiFa 2014.

So how the Aldub got very very popular even being notice by some international people? Simple answer is old fashion Love story.  In Filipino we call it “kilig” factor and I check there is no English equivalent word but I think the closest is “bliss”.  My wife would giggle, sometimes cry, and would hold me tight, kissing my cheek frequently, remembering how we two started.

Another phenomenal of the show during noon time, traffic is very light as everyone is watching the episode. Even stores and some business establishment put “closed” just watch the show.

Modern love is about sexual relationship even benefits without strings attach. this show is about going to the basics of courtship. I am not surprise why many modern  relationship are quickies and one night stand that is not good to one’s emotions and health (like Sexual Transmitted Disease, even AIDS). The AlDub romance  is really back to basics.

The last quote of Lola Dora to the youth translated something like this “ kids, master the art of square roots than being boisterous“.  Focus on schools.

Be in love and wait for the right person. Hope you too follow their love story.

Enjoy 😀

Russian Fencer in Syrian Airspace


Drawn from memory. Feels like a seismometer drawing this one. The ride is bumpy with dim lights.

Russian air power were allowed to bombed US supplied rebels against Syrian President Assad with Putin very glad. The SU24  Fencer, a look a like copy of the US F111 strike plane, was put into action and demonstrate the technological advances of Russia. The bombing is no different from US-NATO attacks Libya, putting an end of Muammar Gaddafi rule. Its like Afghanistan in the 1980s only this time, the Russian are wiser.

Where is the UN in all of this killing anyway. Russian seem unstoppable in its action both in Ukraine and now Syria.

Its Cold war version 2. Only scarier.

We Found Love… (Thinkin Out Loud)


The ride maybe bumpy but still decent enough to draw this dance from, in my opinion, the best love song I ever heard. The best part of “Thinking Out Loud” of Ed Sheeran is the dancing. It reminds me of Patrick Swayze with his wife Mimi at the World Music Awards back in 1994.


Aside from biking and play table tennis, I love to dance especially with my wife.  Enjoying the company of your loves one is very healthy.

You don’t need a very expensive getaway to find happiness. Just find time to enjoy life’s simple pleasure with the people you care. And always be thankful to God.