Heavy Industries. The Philippine Answer To Fight Back To China

Japan, Germany, Russia, the USA, Britain, India and China have them. Industries. Shipbuilding, Automotive factories, Airplanes. Oh Israel have them too. If not, they wouldn’t won the Six-day war.

The Philippines wouldn’t survive a potential war with China with just rhetoric speech even protest alone. It needs a manufacturing machinery to produce the hardware it needs to defend the nation. And that industry is not around to supply machines it needs to protect the nation. Take for example, Israel was forbade to have weapons from abroad so it has to produce locally copied French fighters with the help from, who else, France. And the rest is history. Won a six day war fighting from the North Syria and from the South Egypt plus Jordan from the West.

The delivery of a few fighter from SoKor of T50 Golden Eagle fighter will not change nor shiver China. As we speak, it has fortified claimed islets, atoll in the West Philippine Sea and keep upgrading the facility putting shame even with the Philippine best ally the USA and Japan, have not deter nor stop the operation.

I hope the stock crash would cease the operation after all, money is the fuel to fund any military adventure. It is a David and goliath drama, the Philippines being the weakest in Asia. All the citizens of the Philippines can do now is pray. Faith. Something the Philippines always relied on during hard times.


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