Bus Stranded and How To Manage It.


Above is me doing a selfie drawing of my own sketching located on the back seat.

Heavy rain last night, September 8, before the bus rolled out but I was not worried since traffic is flowing seen outside the bus window. After passing the bridge on Pasig River, traffic slowed then to a halt and didn’t moved for an hour.

I thanked God my patience is holding. Sometimes I want to entertain to be upset but what is the use anyway. Everyone is stuck on the road getting upset won’t change the situation.

Another hour and we crawled slowly. At least it is moving and after a few more hundred of meters I could see the expressway and it is really late pass 11PM.

As much as possible, manage our stress. It is unhealthy to entertain anger. Also find a loving partner to advice you wisely. My wife is truly God send.



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