Orson Welles. His Narration of The Man Who Saw Tomorrow


Back in grade school, we watch The Man Who Saw Tomorrow narrated by Orson Welles about Nostradamus (1503-1566), French apothecary and some say a visionary for seeing the future. What we remembered most fondly about the movie are the three anti-christ and the most favorite city everyone wanted to erase on the face on the earth, second to Israel, New York city. Although not anticipated like the movie want us to believe like a nuclear winter but the movie did warn of a threat. It will be a long war and still being fought today.

Orson Welles did an earlier apocalyptic radio broadcast for War of the Worlds like aliens attacking and advising people to go to the somewhere else. He sounded so real people did run for cover away from an impending alien attack.

The world has changed much and Mr. Welles may have never imagine what it looked like after he died in 1985, four years early to actually saw the fall of communism in 1989 and not witnessing the US and USSR become friends as Nostradamus predicted two countries closest point at the poles.

Somehow those peaceful years are vanishing and Russia is reviving past glory of might and fear among its neighbor. Like Germany in the second world war with its Asian ally Japan, Russia is allied to another red country. China.

Hope this two empires stop its evil plans of conquest. We are in the new era now and such old thinking should be in text book material for children to study that the world have learn the lessons of past conflicts.

For our children’s future.


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