Quick Pen: Matt Damon, Robin Williams and Donald Trump


Sean (Williams): If you ever disrespect my wife again, I will end you. I will fucking end you. You got that, chief?
Will (Damon): Time’s up.

Good Will Hunting” actors Matt Damon and Robin Williams.

Why Donald Trump on the scene? One good thing he did is raising two boys growing up in the construction site where dad Trump get his hands dirty. His two sons, Eric and Donald Jr,  were interviewed here in the Philippines launching a building constructed under the Trump brand. Lots of rich kids were spoiled brat but they endure summer vacations holding shovels instead. Now they run a empire construction.

Kids today are gadget addicts, forgot manners and often unsociable. Worst its the parent’s doing. If we want future leaders, start at home and be a role model.



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