Stop Violence Against Women



Violence starts at home. If you grew in such a place there are two options one must decide. Stop it or recycle.

Stop means learning from the experience and teaching others the cause of the violence. Love, Education and Respect is what I emphasize in the drawing. If one is in denial, he/she will recycle the past experience thinking the behavior is normal. Violence around us is the product of a vicious cycle, inherited from bad experiences.

Unhealthy physical, emotional and spiritual. Physical scars will heal but through the eyes of a survivor, one can not hide the trauma it brought.

Violence comes from either men and women. Avoid the stereotype violent men.

Women are our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

Love and respect women.


Marker. Excess Baggage Box Flight Home.


Last Sunday September 13, going back to Manila on a night flight is not my ideal travel back home especially its dark and possible rain. I packed my excess in a box and put this drawing for easy identifying it once on the baggage carousel.

aken toh” means “its mine” in Filipino and its a slang for “Akin ito“. Something I have used for a very very very long time. I do not use the common “property of…” of ownership.

The drawing looks like my wife if she has long hair and that is me missing her that much :D.

It was a delayed flight and another delayed voyage home since I missed the shuttle van to my cavern.

Hope you visit the Philippines. We are a very friendly people.