Philippine Eagle Killed and Rethinking the Zoo


The biggest flying raptor in the world, Pithecophaga jefferyi or the Philippine Monkey Eating eagle name “Pamana” was shot dead after its release in the wild last June 2015. It was its second time being shot for game hunting but this time it won’t be going back for rehab. Another animal, Cecil the lion was also killed for game sport. If the natural habitat of endemic and endangered animals getting less secured, it is time to rethink the roles of zoos or any similar habitat away from poaching, game sport and smuggling.

Animal right activist complain of animal cruelty and sometimes naive to demand the release of such animals to their natural habitat. But around the world, forest and jungles are getting smaller and smaller through urban development and mining. Governments are slaves and protectors of big enterprises and protecting the environment is not a priority.

During my grade school, I learned that the Philippine eagle takes 9-10 months hatching its egg and requires a very large area to hunt. It is a sad fate for all animals to see their last hours not of old age but of dwindling numbers.

Educating the people is the first step and taking action after. Hope we still see the majestic eagle soar in the background sky. For the next generation.


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