News Print Sketch: Topol Mobile System


That is too many wheels. The SS24 mobile launch ICBM/Intercontinental Ballistic Missile is a site to see. It’s a very long truck with a very powerful hydraulic lifting the missile with 10 MIRV warhead. My first glimpse of these weapon back in the 1980s is a artist sketch only. Either delivered by rail or a mobile vehicle like what  I drew. The only similar system the US on its inventory is the MX missile or Peacekeeper. The concept is the same although much ambitious like underground rail system that would pop-up on ground like those anime style tech. Mobile launcher are hard to detect since it moves from one place to another unlike fixed silo. India have similar weapon like it for its neighbor Pakistan and China.

With Russia reviewing its cold war readiness, the long sleep from the cold is heating up. With the allies fighting either from economic sanctions, cyber attacks and its last card, old fashion push buttons.

Russia is sacrificing its citizens for some old ideology no longer suited for this century. And if Russia love its children, it must reconsider peace than another cold war.

Peace in our time please for our children’s sake.


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