News Print Sketch: Backfire Bomber


Drawing from memory. While my wife have a long chat with relatives, I drew the swing-wing bomber TU22  “Backfire” (NATO assigned named) bomber. I first heard this weapon back as a child when my dad watch a television movie World War Three with Rock Hudson as POTUS/President of the  United States and David Soul as a US officer holding a Russian airborne assault somewhere in Alaska, the closest point of both northern hemisphere.

The TU22 design has many variants and differs from fuselage and intakes. The “Blinder” has its engine on the rear top. Draw that later I guess. I drew over a column in NewYorkTime anniversary of the first and last use of an atomic weapon. Its morale still debated and the science behind it.

The superpowers and emerging bullies like China and rouge nations like Nokor still hold a threat to the stability of such weapon. The truth is, no one seem to care about it anymore. No one is aware. That is the saddest part.


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