The MiG Jet Similarities With My Wife


I won’t deny I love Russian jets than what the West could offer although there is no denying the most advance fighter planes are from the Allied nation of the USA, NATO, Japan and France. But one that stands out why I like Russian hardware is very simple. Low maintenance and very maneuverable.

Russian military airfields operates always on wartime mode meaning, the runways are littered with debris, rock and grass even I guess some rabbits. This objects are jet engine intake killers  when it is sucked during taxiing and take off. Land and sea based jets from the US are like high paid divas with high man hour maintenance.  Since it flies on uncleared runways, it has another nice feature like a mud-guard like the MIG29 front wheels. US jets can not just run the runway without checking for debris like a Hollywood red carpet premier. Everything must be clean and cleared.

During the Arab-Israeli war when a pilot defected to Israel flying a Fishbed (NATO named for the Mig-21), The Israeli pilots learned to love the jet as it can land, reload weapons, gas it and it flies for another sortie which is not possible with US supplied made jets. Flying this planes are no different from Formula-1 cars. During a pit stop, you gas them, change tires and out in 6 seconds or less. And sometimes, Russian Jet fuel is a alternative for vodka.

Not to mention this jets are a looker and the Suchoi Flankton fighters dance in the air like the ballet from Bolshoi. And Russian jets are no pushover. They have their own set of advance technology too. A deterrent machine against any nation to counter any threat whether from a western nation or another Russian ally(China or NoKor). Russian women are like that too, beautiful and tough. During World War 2, they were called to fight along male comrades against Hitlers army.

This unique features made me think, ” hey, these are characteristic of  my wife “. She does not use makeup, don’t mind getting a little dirty, creative, very confident, skillful, good money management skills, peaceful yet will not blink if cross her ideals, academe commerce graduate and beautiful. A tiger sometimes but a kitten when she is sweet.

I never choose a fashionista women whose confidence is based on a painted face and their deep cleavage. I only like a simple woman whose confidence is the beauty within. Whatever mood she is in, she is always a woman to me.




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