In Marriage, Start Right and Love Will Last

I love seeing old couple walking together especially holding hands. Still have the passion for each other and keep the faith of their promise of commitment. Endured many marital battles and won the war. In today’s society, a marriage lasting 5 years is a milestone. Or maybe shorter. Separating is ok maybe but if it involves children, it is a different story. Children are mostly the casualties of divorces. I know because I am one of them. But I was lucky enough to have two important things in life, my faith in GOD and His gift, a hobby called drawing.

I am married for 14 years and one thing I always pray anytime of the day, is to stay in love with my wife. I learned from my wife, she advice never let our argument go out of control and never answer back if she is in a mood swing especially during her menstrual period. Most men will not agree to it but it sure works wonder. Once the mood swing subside she would hug me ever tight and apologetic. Silent mode is the best offense in any conflict and could make your partner cool down knowing you’re not fighting back. Meaning, you care more on the relationship than your big pride is. I know at times this is hard but it wouldn’t fix anything if both of us start throwing anger at each other and worst, the problem got bigger. There is no reason to compete since both couples are expected to work it out thick or thin.

How long marriage last? It is up to us. No one wanted to listen to a radio and hear a favorite song you two devoted to each other but have gone separate ways. Many songs are written with yesterdays love tragedy. To avoid any memories of lost love, try complimenting each other, see the beauty and goodness in each other. I have witness how marriage do not work. We have the knowledge of how to avoid it therefore do at all cost to keep your marriage safe. . Hold true to the reason what brought you two together in the first place. If its love, keep it that way.

If ever I get a chance to go back in time, I will still look for my wife and fall in love with her again. There is nothing wrong in a lasting a marriage. And do believe in prayers. Only GOD can bless and keep a marriage lovely that last a lifetime.



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