Never Ending Metro Floods To Endure


Whats the worst in a traffic congestion? Its traffic jam with floods. Its getting worse and our politician could do more to serve the public than throw trash at each other. The only honest policy maker, Jesse Robrero, was lost in  a plane crash years ago. He could have done better than the current DILG whose only purpose to serve is for personal gain and his bid to the presidency is because his grandfather was a former president of the Philippines. Its is their belief that its their birth right be also a nation leader but their real duty is to serve the citizen whose taxes will pay projects like flood control, proper irrigation and food security and national defense against a bullying superpower.

My country can endure a little frequent flood. What we Filipinos can not stomach is the never ending dirty politics plagued in my country. Hope we get it right come 2016.

The world can count we love the rain even a waist high flood. Just be careful with the nasty virus from rats. Do not forget umbrellas, extra socks and slippers, extra shirts, food and prayers.