Sketching On Newspaper. Cool


Saw this kind of drawing style from another blog and after reading a column from Mr Butch Dalisay PenMan , I draw over it. I learned a lot from reading Mr Dalisay advice on writing properly and learned years ago about writers block. I improve on my writings thanks to him and  to learn more. And if he would by chance check my blog, I hope he tell my mistakes and how to improve and be a better blog writer.

Keep practicing both on sketch and writing skills.



Need Terminator To Fix Bad Traffic


Heard over the radio traffic is going to get worst. This sign pen drawn Arnold is my second attempt capturing his face (from a newsprint). Finally got to sit and have the chance to drew a more decent sketch of the T800.


This is really my first sketch while standing in the bus a few minutes when we hit the express way. Traffic is a nightmare here in the Metro and maybe we need a terminator to eradicate drivers who don’t follow road rules and pedestrian that don’t obey either.

Keep your cool always. I need it since I am going to be late. Enjoy

Harper Lee. The Truth About A Mocking Bird


One of my favorite book, To Kill A Mocking Bird has a different origin and as some review suggest, you won’t look at Atticus the way he was characterized in the book with Harper Lee‘s Go Set a Watchman (NYTimes).

To be safe, I’ll be on the version of the Mocking Bird. The truth may hurt but we could dwell on the good side since that is how people read it when it was first publish.

We all need kindness in this world right now.