Pin Ups And The Fighting Men of World Wars


My discovery of Pin Ups is linked with US Army war planes B17 and B24. Famous is Memphis Belle but there are many others even dates back to the late 1800s. Our grand fathers during the great war sure needs some adrenalin running and its not through prayers they got it but from the devil first from looking to half naked drawn women and when death is near they call the mother of god with many hail Marry to shout out loud.

These fallen angel pinups girls sure do get men blood pumping hard. Pinups are sometimes called as cheesecakes too. The influence of pinup models are still with us today which we call “sex sales”. Model a girl like a pinup with an unsaleable product or worthless one and you can sell it very fast. Or at least get the picture of the pin up.

It is a cruel man’s world and I hope women do not dress  like a pinup in the streets which as we speak is not happening.

Dress in modesty girls.


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