Dance. The Art of Attraction.

Duo_Dance_01 To get the attention of the opposite sex, okay say, you want to impress someone, its either from the art of singing, drawing, poetry, musician, acting and dancing. Even if you are the shy type, group dancing is the best bet. Excel on this art and you can expect the girls will come. Actually I am the shy type. Duo_Dance_02 Maybe I know a few steps but the last time I dance with my two office mates (yep, 1 v 2), two other girls want to join in making it 1:4! Yep it happened. One of my memorable one was with a former colleague where the two of us dance privately near our table while the rest of the friends were on the dance floor and somehow got attracted to each other. Almost got one.

And dancing is a complete workout. Healthy indeed. The best part is with a partner where the intimacy is deep. The music is loud sometimes during weekends in our house but when I play the slow ones, it is time to get my wife. Although she is not much of a dancer,  a tight hug while dancing is enough which remind us of prom days of old.

Tomorrows a Saturday. Try some home made fun like getting offline and enjoy life with our loves ones.

Take care.


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