Andrea Lima. Super Model With Strong Beliefs


Andrea Lima without makeup and her no hold bar on her strict discipline on keeping her virginity until getting married. Few western and modern women still practice it. But for a woman who believes waiting for the right person is worth the wait. And for sure that guy is the luckiest man on earth. I mean she is a super model.

A person that have many relationship, especially sexual is not only physically unhealthy, it is also a mental problem. The possibility of comparing pass partners with your current one and if the “right one” now is not performing the expected sex one enjoyed from passed experience will likely ruin it. Check Kevin Bacon’s sex scene on “He Said/She said” movie were he moaned another woman’s name while doing it on her current partner.

So boys and girls, be patient and abstain. As my wife always say, “good things happen to those who waits”.



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