Danielle de Metz. The Damsel in Raid On Rommel.


One of my favorite war movies, Raid on Rommel stars Richard Burton (which I will draw soon) and a few others especially the only woman in the movie is Danielle de Metz who slapped a German officer for not letting her ride on the plane and instead have to endure a long desert ride with a bunch of captive British  soldiers and eventually have to survive an air raid by a lone British Spitfire at 1700 hours. Always a replay in local channel IBC-13 back in the 1980s every afternoon with other movies of Gerry Lewis comic and I never got bored watching it.

Her role ends as the convoy heads to the beach to destroy two twin guns of Germany. The damsel sitting on the road and we never know what happened next in a war torn African theater.

War is really crazy.


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