Armour 101. Basic of Tanks


Submarines along the coast of England. Bomber patrols and Tanks with markings of Moscow making NATO/North Atlantic Treat Organization uneasy of Mr Putin foreign policy scaring the nerves of old east block satellites like Poland with a neighboring Russia.

The US response, if congress approves, will deploy hardware like tanks. The presence of tanks is a political message. But how do one differentiate a tank from any other land vehicle. From the above drawing (which again I drew during a heavy Thursday traffic while standing) with six vehicles, only four are tanks. The left side are friendly tanks of US M551 Sheridan (retired), Germany’s Leopard and Israel’s Merkava Mk4 (my favorite) versus the Russian hardware of T72, BTR-70 and BMP2. If you guess right, the last two vehicles are not tanks. They may look like tank but are not. Tanks have more power firepower, more armour, bigger in size (except the retired air-droppable US-Sheridan) and fewer crew with the exception of the Merkava, the only tank in the world, that doubles as troop carrier.

News reporters around the world make mistakes of what is a tank  but we can not blame them for this little mistakes because reporting what is actually happening is important and if like it or not, they serve as front line intelligence for the right decision makers on how to repel invading forces like in Ukraine’s Crimean landscape where lot areas are being occupied by supposed rebels armed with Russian hardware.

Should NATO and the US send hardware, is there a second Cold War? Russia’s only ally, China, is doing it role as its Asian bully. The US and its allies would need to make the world a peaceful place again. Not to mention we have Islamic extremist in the Middle East too.

Tanks are good land ships for open spaces like the desert and European flat lands where two world wars were fought. My generation saw the fall of communism back in 1989. But Mr Putin is an old guard of communism which he saw as a surrender and have to rely on US aid for some years. Now with more money and power, He is ready to claim lands Russia once owned. Although China has no claim in the Spratley nor in Nepal, China claim is about, well, pure invasion and bullying. But the Far East is not a good place to fight with tanks. Its guerrilla warfare. Something the Philippines is very much ahead of the rest. Its the reason why the US loves to train here. But an amphibious vehicle is a good hardware to have.

Keep the world from bullies and do report them in any social media forms.  Keep the freedom secure.


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