Rainy Days Are Here Again


Wet season is here better ready the umbrella and raincoat and try a little singing too. I remember a guest appearance of Gene Kelly in a TV special back in my childhood days and yes one segment of the show is “singing in the rain” where Gene is the police officer. Decades later I watch the movie “Singing in the rain” on local channel and love it. Movies back then are very magical. Mostly dancing until the genre died in the 1960s but the tradition lives on in its present form from animated films especially from Walt Disney. “Greese” is a good musical movie too.

Rainy days is not mostly welcome by most. I love the rainy season but last year I have a bad year. And a sudden rain is traumatic now. I feel the rain let me down. But blaming the rain won’t solve my problem so as I much as I can, will enjoy it. And if possible, match it with dancing like Gene Kelly did. I would look like a nut though.

Bladerunner and Singing in the Rain that made the wet season a fun one.

As always, do enjoy.


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