Blade Runner. The Best Sci-Fi Movie, a Sequel in the Making


They don’t advertise for killers in the newspaper. That was my profession. Ex-cop. Ex-blade runner. Ex-killer.

That was the original movie narration by Deckard played by Harrison Ford. Rumors being circulated for years for its sequel but the director’s cut version by Ridley Scott remove the narration which I really like.

I love this movie and never grew tired watching it. Voted as the best science fiction movie ever made, it will be stored in the US National Archives for safe keeping and academic literature. Unlike many heavy CGI/Computer Graphic interface based sci-fi movies, Blade Runner is very humble in its handling of a futuristic earth. The costumes are 1940s mix with New Wave punks of the time.

I hope the sequel retain the simplicity of the movie. Any heavy CGI will definitely ruin the legendary movie. And yes, Deckard may have a special appearance on it. The same thing happening with StarWars Episode 7 where Han Solo, also played by Harrison Ford, as a guest in that movie.

Life span was the issue of the movie especially combatant replicants seeking to extend the 4-year life span . Our current world events is all about slavery, invasion, pollution, over population and war in the process is killing humanity and the earth itself. Hopefully we live life doing other things than murder.

At the end of the un-director’s cut, Deckard final words “… I didn’t know how long we had together… Who does?

Enjoy .


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