(N)Etiquette Mean Manners

The Millennium brought us Facebook and made everyone a celebrity. But there is a catch. One must be careful on what to post and write on the net. This is what I learned during the 1990s called Netiquette no different from the traditional etiquette that is taught at home unless home is not a place to learn manners.

Exercising Freedom of expression in the internet is the worst kind so if you are like old blue eyes Frank Sinatra who has few regrets, feel free to do what you like. Even when tempted to act harshly, think before you click. There is no harm to be silent on some issues and we could rant productively without damaging your personality. Even some porn stars have a tough time explaining their dirty past so keep your record clean.

Make a draft first. Think once, twice, ten times before you click that mouse. At the end of the day, Is it worth it? The things one person will post on his social media, will be there for all eternity.

Remind friends and have them remind you too.

Have a nice social media life.




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