US Challenge Chinas Claim On Air Space

First of all I like to thanked the US for finally taking action on China’s bullying in the South East Asia specially the West Philippine Sea. The poor state of the Philippine Air Force can not enforce order in these part of the ocean but maybe good old uncle Sam will give us a hand and hopefully with a big stick. Read it here

I hope the world condemns China’s action blocking trade routes both sea and air. And the United Nations would remind China on its motive.

China is extending its damaging fishing practices as far as West Africa and with its habit of damaging practices. The same method they used to shape the new structures in the West Philippines Sea not only it is invading the area, it is destroying the echo system. I hope this buy the Philippines some time and position its security in the region.

We all share the same ocean we might as well live in harmony too and no one bully to claim it all for itself.



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