Tang Wei, Blackhats


Whats the worst of a two hour traffic, make it three hours. Get a scratchpaper and started sketching some light lines for Miss Tang Wei of Black hats with Chris Hemsworth.

The best scene for me is when Nicholas Hathaway/Chris Hemsworth sends a request to the NSA to reset his password. Its a classic social engineering technique by computer thieves to reveal secrets in this case the password. When someone ask for your password, bank accounts or credit card numbers online or through text and phone calls, just ignore. It could happen to anyone. Even experts fall to traps like this.

Then the sister, Chen Lien/Tang Wei,  falls in love to Nicholas who is no stranger since he is the friend of her brother. And the brother is concern of her future since his friend Nicholas is a convicted criminal. But like Hollywood wants us to believe, all will end well with criminals with lots of cash and ride the sunset.

Sunset or sunrise, traffic is not getting better and the school year is almost to start. But like an old Chinese saying, ” better light a candle than curse the darkness”. Do what it takes to keep our sanity in tack and be healthy at all times.



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