M346, Best Trainer and Light Fighter Jet


Italian made and some countries interested with her including Israel Air Force. The light fighter or trainer  M346 from Alenia Aermacchi is a beautiful plane. The same aircraft company who made the S211 is the current air superiority fighter of the Philippine Air Force who needs much attention. Unfortunately, South Korea is awarded for the new fighter, FA50 for the PAF and until now May 2015 has not delivered the jets.

I read nations around the world is in a buying spree for new fighter planes because of some aggressive neighbor countries like Iran, Russia and here China so most air forces are upgrading their hardware with the Philippines still lagging behind because the government is focus on reelection and neglects the countries security.

The M346 can simulate the latest 4th and 5th generation fighters and can take a secondary role as a light attack fighter. Now that is sexy. Ahem, hate that sexy word as if making the thing cheap.

Keep your borders secure.


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