Charlize Theron Mad Max 2015


2003 Best Actress  Charlize Theron is never afraid of doing films like looking dirty and ugly. In Mad Max showing here in Manila in May 2015, her face is very dark like charcoal not to mention bald. But I think  her role on Monster is her most ugliest. Some actress were annoyed with her chosen roles since it can lead to better performance and possible nomination. Instead of following her example, why not try it. But who likes to look ugly and dirty in films when every woman wants to be sexy and glamorous.

While doing this sketch in 1/4th of bondpaper, the guy next to me who is busy tik-tak-ing his gadget, stop a moment and asked if I am an artist. Nope, I am just making out of the boredom of waiting. Me and wife is teaching my son how to do payments of bills and while at it, I draw while we talk.

Teach kids good things and he will grow with skills. And never be afraid of how one looks. Appearance is very deceptive. You can be a winner like Charlize Theron.



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