Dress Code. Men Are More Clothed Than Women


Every year people wait for the Hollywood gathering of celebrities in any awards nights. We have the fashion police commenting on the women selection of clothing. But the obvious is over looked. Men have at least two to three layers of clothing which are thick in fabric while the women, its the opposite.

Why not go naked.I mean its there, the very soul of her anatomy. 99% see through and the dress is called a gown worth thousand of dollars from world class designers. I do not know if its cold proof granted the men are well suited from freezing. Won’t they get a cold with that kind of dress. Watch your health though especially pneumonia.

And women worry of wardrobe malfunction. Just check Adrienne Bailon and tell me if see-through apparel are great.

Ordinary women copy their appearance and worst the attitude with it. And women blame misbehaving men when they start walking in the street with dirty talks behind them. So whose to blame with this indecent admiration. The stereo type sexiness freedom of expression.

For women, the best time to look sexy is getting ready for sex. Because feeling sexy is a very private encounter being enjoyed with the person you loved.

Keep your modesty intact. You may need it someday.


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